Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goals and Mission

Governing Values and Goals

1.       Education- I have remained determined and focused on completing my education. I am continuously looking for opportunities that allow me to grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically.
-Intermediate Goals:
·         Write and defend my thesis in order to graduate in December
·         Seek out and land a job as a 4-H/Equine Extension Agent anywhere
-Long-term Goals:
·         If current job is not in my desired location (Colorado/Western States) then I will find a job in desired location within 2-3 years
·         Take continuing education classes in order to stay current with the industry
·         Get a higher CHA (Certified Horsemanship Assoc.) certification level, and become a member of professional organizations

2.       Importance of Relationships- I strive to retain healthy relationships with my family, friends, significant others, and authoritarian figures via respect, honesty, and trust.
-Intermediate Goal:
·         Keep balance with my friends and family
·         Call, e-mail, or mail my brothers at least once a week
·         Maintain a good rapport with my professors and bosses
·         Continue to be a good girlfriend
-Long-term Goals:
·         Keep in touch with my closest friends so we will still be friends in the next 20 years no matter the distance between us.
·         Never lose touch with my family when the miles between us get greater
·         Turn girlfriend status to wife status in the next 5-10 years

3.       Trustworthiness and Loyalty- I am loyal to my leaders, followers, family, friends, boyfriend,  and my animals. I believe loyalty and trustworthiness go hand-in-hand. I will be loyal and trustworthy everyday by not sharing secrets, gossiping, or talking behind people’s backs.

4.       Independence- I will retain my independence no matter where I go or who I meet. No one can take my independence away from me. I love space and freedom, but also like company in certain situations.
-Intermediate Goal:
·         To not be afraid to do more things by myself that would normally be cliché by having two or more people like going to see a movie, hiking, going to a festival, etc.
-Long-term Goal:
·         Retain my independence as my life changes in the next 5-10 years (getting a job, hopefully getting married, and starting a family…)

5.       Leadership- I have always been a leader and am open to new ideas/ways to lead and be a good leader.
-Intermediate Goals:
·         Learn more about leadership than I already know
·         Look for opportunities that will help me become a better leader
-Long-term Goals:
·         Take another leadership class through continuing education
·         Teach others good leadership skills (4-Hers and/or my future children, friends)
·         Never forget that followers shape leaders and without followers we could not have leaders
·         Become the well-balanced leader that I want to be
·         Be somebody’s role model

6.       Honesty and Integrity- I cannot lie (okay, little white lies don’t count!) therefore, I am a very honest individual. I’m genuine and real. I can’t be “fake”.  I stay true to my morals, convictions, and beliefs. I stand up for what is right and for what is wrong.

7.       Durability- It is not easy being me! I do not let others bring me down by using hurtful words and judgments. Throughout my life journey (only 22 years in!), there have been people that have tried to bring me down to their level, but never once did I stoop. Instead, I held my head high and kept moving forward by accomplishing goal after goal. I’m in this journey for the long haul!

8.       Pride- I am very proud of myself, my family, my friends, my animals, and all of my accomplishments. I am proud of my heritage (3rd generation Polish born in America) and proud of where I am going.
-Ongoing Goal:
·         To be more humble depending on the situation

9.       Commitment- Once I start a project, I finish it. Even if the project takes weeks, months, or years, I try to do my best to see the project through. I’m also committed to my animals. I take care of them the best that I can and try to return the unconditional love they give to me.

Mission Statement
My life's journey is to teach and educate the leaders and followers of today. Through my future role in Extension, I will help youth gain life skills and knowledge necessary to be successful and happy in life. By teaching others, I will also be learning and growing as learning and teaching are a synchronized continuous process. I will experience many different events along the way, some good and some bad, but I will learn from each experience. I will keep an open-mind, throwing away the junk and archiving the pieces of information I deem valuable.
I will be a person who my parents, brothers, husband, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren can say always remembers to laugh and smile often. They will say I brighten their day and have made a difference in their life. They will say they love me. They will say I am a good friend, sister, wife, and grandma. They will say that I am determined to reach my goals and have accomplished many things through my life. They will also say that I will reach my goal of being on Walter Scott’s Smucker’s Jar for turning 100.