Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Just a little update. I'm not running for MRM 2012 anymore. The state directors have not put any information out besides the competition being run in September. Since I am now graduating in December, I've realized MRM 2012 is not one of my attainable goals. I simply don't have the extra funds right now and I'm not able to bring Dakota to Columbia for the summer to work her.  Sooo, maybe before I'm 26, I'll be able to run for a small rodeo pageant wherever I end up in the next 9 months.

I'm taking a summer class that deals with time management, or managing your life. My life isn't out of control, but it is designed for Ag. educators and extension agents to prioritize what is important in their life. This week's lesson deals with finding your governing values, writing a mission statement, and finding your philosophy on life. It deals with setting goals and achieving them. I can do that. Accomplishing goals is one of my specialties!

When I finish the assignments, I'll post them on here.