Sunday, January 30, 2011

Only 7/8 Months Not a Year

I e-mailed the new state director to find out when the MRM website would be back and running and if there would be any rule changes. She said there would be a few and that they are looking at September dates for MRM 2012...that means I have only 7-8 months to prepare not 12! Ahh! I can do it. The biggest thing I will have to conquer is FUNDING for my outfits....or find someone who can make me a dress for relatively cheap. Dresses need to be western and look like this:

Fabric Dress
Leather Dress

3-Piece Leather Dress

Dresses can be anything from lambskin leather to cotton fabric. I'm considering renting a dress from Barbara Western Wear. We'll see. There are many cheap options I have found and I already have a horsemanship shirt, just need to finish the outfit with black pants, belt, and boots. I need another job!

On an ending note, I decided to use Dakota. She is pretty and already knows how to rein!